A Million Miles Away

Today is her first birthday

On the twenty-first of May.

She looks beautiful on a 3x5,

But I’m a million miles away.


I’m a million miles away,

So in my mind she hasn’t grown.

She’s still a picture-perfect child,

That I must shield from what I know.


I often think about her mother,

Playing the roles of mom and dad.

And it breaks my heart, but still I know

That I cannot go back.


Because sometimes in the night, I shake.

In my dreams, I’m in Iraq.

I’m crying over my wounded brothers,

And fighting to make it back.


But a father should be strong,

So I can’t let my daughter see.

I can’t bear to tell my wife,

That the man she married is no longer me.


So I fight for my country,

But I’ve never fought for myself.

I chose my brothers over my family,

And I put my daughter on the shelf.


Today was the first birthday,

That she spent beside a grave.

And now I’m the one on the 3x5,

Above a casket in display.

I’m trying not to slip away,

And wishing I could somehow stay,

I realize now the mistakes I’ve made.


But now, as I always have been,

Am a million miles away.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



Inspired by the men and women who so bravely serve our country. Their sacrifice is immense, as they give up time with family, seeing their children grow, being with their spouses or parents, and often times, they give up their sanity to protect their country and their people. 

In this poem, I chose to write from the perspective of a soldier suffering to PTSD. The intended audience of the poem is the soldier's daughter. 

I hope y'all enjoy :)

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