Lost and Found


gleaming in the fluorescent light,

brighter than the moon against a pitch-dark sky,

breath catches, it’s beauty unforetold.

not everything in the lost and found has been discarded.


sitting on my bedroom floor

, clutching my sides as the tears roll down my cheek- my neck.

changes came so quickly- how could I have ever seen it coming?

I am lost, but I am not found.


the life pours out of them,

the corners of my mouth twitch up instead of down,

warmth of friendship surrounds me,

maybe I am not lost- but nor am I found.


what is a mirror? what do I see?

why can’t I see the shattered soul instead of the false smile?

why can’t I see the kind soul instead of the extra skin?

close my eyes instead, I don’t see me-

I see a little girl with a red balloon, desperately grasping the string.

it is time to find myself.


the lost and found is a bittersweet place,

with all kinds of gizmos and whozits.

the lovers, and fighters, the quiet, the loud.

all in a limbo. between the lost and the found.


blossoming flowers become new in water, so do the wilted hearts

as the snow melts and the dew forms- happy cries burst forth.

who knows what you might find in the lost and found- who you might find.

I found myself in the lost and found,

because not everything that is lost has been discarded.


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