Alone with depression:

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 02:38 -- Zmthall

I sit here alone.
Sadder than my mind allows.

Alone... With someone who hates me.
That I can never seem to get rid of.
Abused... By my own thoughts.
That fold me into olbivion.
Anguish... I cause my self on a daily basis.
That breaks me down and mentally suffocates me.
Ashamed... About the thoughts I always think.
That ridicule me relentlessly.
Artifical Emotions... Presented with ease.
That allows me to stay safely sheltered.
Abandoned... Not by my peers, but from myself.
That feeling of being emotionally bankrupt.
Assaulted.. By my own thoughts.
That speak so hatefully about myself.
Anxious... About everything.
That I once was able to do with ease.
Aggressive... Towards my family.
That cynical way to get validation.
Afraid... Of human connection.
That horrible feeling of being insignificant.
At risk... From self mutilation.
That voice in the back of my mind.
Annoyed... By every little thing.
That reason for disconnection.
Apprehensive... About my abilities.
That gut feeling of worry, and uselessness.
At a loss... On how to continue, and what to do.
That thought haunts me every day.

Depression made me hate myself,
it took away all of my self esteem,
it changed the person I used to be,
and left me alone with someone who hates me...

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perfectly captures what it is like living with depression

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