She watched her king walk away,

Leaving her all alone now everyday,

Just left her standing by the queen,

Her broken life now everyone has seen,

She was all alone in the palace,

Standing there with the scent of an angels kiss,

Her hair was in curls and bows,

Her frilly pink dress barley covered her toes, 

A single tear rolled down her rosey red cheek,

And that moment she knew her heart was too easy to seek,

That was the day that young princess went away,

She ripped off her crown and tore it in half,

She pulled out her bows and dyed her hair black,

She tore her heart off her sleeve and made it impossible for anyone to decieve,

Out of everyone she hates him most, 

And because her heart was torn,

A monster was born,

A princess she will never again be, 

Because that princess turned into me. 



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