“The Unspoken Scorpion Love Attack” 4-11-2015

My Love, did you know?

The sound of your voice was and is sweet and so sincere.

The taste of your lips was and is sentimentally divine.

Your touch gave me astonishing goose-bumps.

The dazzle in your eyes, kept me motivated with such catalyst.

When you laugh, showing that amazing smile was and is beyond bona fide to me.

Although you heart has been broken many times, I saw through the toughness, the stubbornness, and through the timidness of your emotions, you protrayed.

Careless, Heartless, Emotionless never that...more like charming but eagerly discreet yet sometimes reckless.

Persistent and definitely relentless, you started, in fact you were able to reach me on a level, that I couldn't dare dream of.

Your problems became my problems in which I so desparately wanted to solve, giving you immunity.

And nevertheless, my hands, my shoulders, my ears will always be reachable now and evermore.

Your beautiful angels, I suddenly grew an attachment, I will eternally be as affectionate and protective to them, just as you was and still the significant impact on mine breathe of life.

My patience and consideration at times could be rewarding but deep inside, sometimes determintal and discouraging especially looking from the outside in, which transpired eventually.

Communication, small talk. Was all I really wanted, taking into account, it was unfeasible to endure much time with you. Our talks could have been more random, more serious, more intellectual even more humorous, didn't matter. And I do apologize on my behalf.

Yet I totally get understand and parlay why, you stopped. With all the changes, challenges, re-adjusting and settling that's implementing in your life now.

I had always comprehend quite well, whether words are or were exchanged or not.

Your actions was, are and still predetermined and perplex came and comes to me, whether you concede or not.

I still yearn for your heart, all of it, broken pieces as well as your profound and abtruse parts.

Although waiting in silence and calignosity, is mypre-cogitated role. I'm willing to wait with prudence and resilency until you are ready to have me.

And up until, you tell me or give me the impression that you are indeed over and done with me completely.

But until, just know that I love you. The kind of love that is an action, a feeling, the uncontrollable emotion. That kind of love that's sometimes unplanned, not forced. Such love, that you can't switch on or turn off. The love you can't throw away, the love many these day take for granted.

Love should be handle unconditionally and with care. Love can be shown in many ways, amongst many people, however, you can only be in love with one. Never rushed or falsely represented.

With that, I'm crazy in love with you. To the point that I mysteriously planted a seed of happiness somewhere deep in your fragile heart, and hopefully one day, it blossoms within you, that vessels out through you.

Keep the melody of our song in the midst of your blank thoughts and heart. As well as "Love Is", by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight.

Continue to be the most beautiful, strong, loving, at times, mean, harsh, crazy but amazing woman, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece and friend you are destine to embrace towards daily.

My ulitmate sacrifice for you, is stepping aside, allowing you to work on whatever you need to work on, for you to become and decide whatever you heart desires, to finally give you time and space to plan design your life as well as my angels lives accordingly with no interferences from me.

Only regret I have, will be the day, you decide to leave me hanging, as if I was a phase that you had to test in your life or with un-answered questions, doubts and secrets.

Now you know, My Love

From your "Masterpiece" .......... Until.. XOXOXO



















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My family


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