To You, From Me

These memories I keep,

they’re not for you.

I hold on to the past

and though I won’t share them,

I want to,

because I miss you more than the air I breathe.

Though I know you don’t care,

I long to tell you how much you meant

so you realize what you let go of.

We had an opportunity

to seize the world,

but you abandoned me,

and my world died on your fingertips.

How I long for one last time

for my lips to press against yours

to see if you were worth all the pain

you put me through.

Though I think you are,

because every touch was one more fond memory

that I will never share.

I reminisce on those in times of trouble.

You may have hurt me,

but it was a beautiful pain,

for I have learned what true love felt like.

And as it’s been said

The course of true love never did run smooth.

But I think I’d rather touch your smooth hand






Miss Independent


Imperfect The Poet_

I love this .

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