I miss you

I always thought nothing could ever hurt me, 

I always thought I was unstoppable.

Until the day came..

When I lost my bestfriend..


I never thought death could heart..

I never knew the pain and tears it brought..

I never thought I would have to go through losing some one


I miss you..


I was always told everything is okay..

I never thought some one who had it all would take their life..

I never thought some one I loved would fall so low..


I miss you..


You were my best friend..

Well my only friend..

I relied on you, like you relied on me..

but even then I was too blind to see your pain..


I miss you..


I thought I knew everything about you..

I thought you told me everything..

I guess I am wrong..

I was the one who whipped your tears..

Why didn't I ever see this coming?


I miss you..


I feel like its my fault you're gone..

I should have seen it coming..

I loved you..

You were mine..

My only friend..

I watched it slowly fade away right in front if me..


I miss you..


I'm sorry I never saw it coming..

I'm sorry I was so blind..

I'm sorry I couldn't save you..

I miss you..


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