Motherless child


Gone gone gone away

ran ran ran away from here

away from here

darling i know you are afraid

but please please try to stay

stay here

your Childs right here and she says she said she loves you

but doesn't understand why you've gone

gone away

i wish you could see how she's grown

but its just a shame that she's grown all alone

all alone

i've tried to explain you've gone down a road

and how much i wish it led to home

led you home

i told her you were traveling with Maryjane

and maybe you'll be back someday

please back away oh back away.


flash flash flashing lights go driving by

go driving by

i guess you've realized there's no where left to hide

left to hide

you say it was a mistake that you lost your mind

that one day you will change but you just need time

just a little more time

but left left left behind 

is a little girl that always cries

you know she has your eyes?

and i just wish you heard her every word

and im sorry that she wont come see you

she said she cant look past prisons bars today

no not today

all i can do is pray you find your ways and change your ways

come back someday


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