Journey To Loving Myself

"Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful' .

I'd repeat it. Look in the mirror and say " I love you".

I'd try , but nothing would  come out . I'd go mute.

I spent most of my life trying to hide myself.

Trying to deny myself. Think apart of me was struggling to find myself.

And i still don't know who I am completely but i know its okay to say I love poetry and sipping coffee. I occasionally like to party and get wild.

I hate the summer time, I hate beaches .

Warm weather does not excite me.

I like to cuddle . I like the cold. I love the rain.

I want to fall inlove one day but this time for real. I want to be successful. But success to me does not mean lots of money it means a beautiful happy family.

I spent most of my life trying to be angry and cold hearted , but I'm still wholehearted . I still do believe in love even if I never find it.

I still do believe in happy endings even if I never get it . & By accepting all of this I've learned that I am flawless.

Not perfect . But flawless.

It means , I've made mistakes and learned to do the hardest thing;  forgive myself, it means that i've felt ugly and worthless but found my self worth .

It means that I've wanted to die but still pushed myself to live.

It means that I've cried but still found the strength to smile again

. It means that I've been broken, and shattered and abandoned by those who should've stayed but I still can get up each morning and go on with my day.

It means , that Beyonce has nothing on me. Means I woke up like this , went back to sleep woke up again and was still happy.

I am . Flawed , Luminary, Alive, Worthy, ,Loveable, Enduring,Strong & Surviving . And for the first time ever , I can look in the mirror and say " I love you. You're beautiful"



I love this poem so much


Thanks So Much . I Appreciate It


This poem represents something we all should do I love your message and it was very well written


Thanks So Much ! I appreciate it


I love this! Especially the last part lol "I woke up like this, went back to sleep and woke up again" Beautiful poem!


Thanks very much ! lol <3


This is beautiful!!!! 


Thank You So Much <3 !


I believe your poem is an inspiration to any eyes that have the pleasure of reading your poetry. I can honestly say that poetry is very important in my life and I've learned that many feel similar. You are very talented and I can't wait to read more.


Thank You So Much !!!


The line, "Not perfect. But flawless" is perfect. Hah.

This lifted my spirits. :) Great job.


Thank You <3


I'm new to this website and this is the first poem I got the chance to read. I loved it, it's very meaningful and powerful and I can relate. It was beautiful. 


Thank You So Much . I appreciate it <3


I love your poem. As corny as it sounds it about had me in tears.


Lol , aw its doesnt sound corny. but thanks im glad you liked it <3

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