Made For Us

You told me not to cry when you were gone

I tried to hold back, but life became a waterfall

and just when I thought I was going to survive,

I saw the moon, the stars, slowly fading away,

and I tried to reach out to them, but I remembered that they don't have hands

This can be to overwhelming, and my body has become weak

Will you ever understand


I said I would be alright, I swore I would be fine

but I feel that the walls are caving in, and there is an end to this line

I keep reaching out for you, calling for your name

but I am sure you cannot hear me

This pain that I have been through, needing you like crazy


You told me to never cry once you left,

but I tried to hard to be strong, but then I realized that you were gone

I needed to be by your side, close to your reach

When I needed to feel alright, so you could care for me

and I became submerged into this infinite sea


Choking on my own despair, are you even there

Swallowing my tears, and I can no longer be afraid

You cannot tell me to not cry

You cannot tell me to be happy once your gone

When all of this is too powerful, much too strong


Save me tonight, let me know that I will survive

Keep me up in the dark hours, and let me know that I will live

Can I be by your side, so I know that I will be fine

You can't tell me to walk a straight line, and not mess up,

when the only path I have ever taken, is the one you made for us


-Chloe Aldecoa


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