The Shadow Within

I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I

Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by

telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"

you don’t understand exactly what makes up mine


Mine comes like a storm on a hot summer day

trying to get by it, but it just stands in my way

all the things it brings up and the way it sounds

only holds me tighter when something else comes around


The asking, the nodding the "I completely understand"

don't help me at all, I don't need fans

I'm not asking for your sympathy, I'm not asking at all

how come when I need you the most you let me fall


Fall down into sadness where it surrounds my soul

and sneaks up into my attitude where it takes a toll

on others, they notice, they talk and say

"whats going on, are you alright, are you ok?"


It's a work in progress as I digress

the point is that it's never over

drunk in sadness but I’m completely sober

sober-minded I'm reminded what matters in life

life is what you make it, but if I make my life,

what made me like this?


"It gets better!" they say, I nod and agree

In God we trust, in the land of the free

How free are you, are you tied down too?

Tied down to standards, tied down to stress

but just because you are down, do you deserve less?


Thinking you deserve more than others do,

others who are wounded and sore just like you?


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