Filter in my Throat


Adults always tell us

that they know best

They have more experience,

and time, they'll attest

They feed those words

Into our brains

Inject that message into

our infant veins

So we grow up

believing its true

Trusting in them

If only we knew

We don't stand a chance

Didn't get a fair start

To realize adults

Are all corrupt at heart

They're the worst people

With whom we'll ever interact

They poison our minds

Leave our souls cracked

This is the truth

You're all so scared to promote

I'm ripping out the filter that

They shoved down my throat

A child, right now, is hungry

standing in a grocery store

He's a scene so Big Sis can

Slip food out the back door

Teachers at school tell him

To trust the cops

Why so they can just send him

back to die at the hand of Pops?!

They tell us to have respect

and to bite our tongue

That's what she did last night

as her dad's fists swung

Her mother followed a lesson

she'd learned long ago

be seen and not heard

Or she'd get the next blow

She stays up all night

Afraid to die

Asleep every day in class

Teacher doesn't care why

Depressed or suicidal?

"Tell an adult you can trust"

But his parents are never home

his teachers look at him in disgust

You see he dyed his hair blue

and gauged his ears

Hoping it would draw their

attention to his tears

He raises his hand

Mrs. sees the cuts on his wrist

But her only advice is he'll never

get a job if he keeps his hair like this

Have our best interests at heart

It's only because they care...

Her mother is only letting her

Consume air

She calls her daughter fat

Demands she goes to the gym

Otherwise no dinner

"You'll thank me when you're slim"

She's so dizzy and tired

But the love in her mother's eyes

Was her happiest moment

Slipping on that prom dress 00 size

Her battered head is fuzzy

She can't comprehend

She tries to stay after class for help

Teacher just condescends

He got caught stealing out of lunch boxes

Big Sis tries to speak

They'll only listen to a guardian

They're guardian angle is meek

He's been left to fade

into his mental disease

They all saw the signs but no one

stopped him from hanging in the breeze

Her mom does her makeup

has to pin the dress all around

She smiles at her beautiful daughter

before they put her casket in the ground

This is the result of

our society today

We like to think that all children

have a safe place to lay

We convince ourselves

that someone else will intervene

See no evil

and we can keep our hands clean

Let me tell you right now

There is not a good adult in this place

Only the sick minded ones and the

ones who blame the human race

As if they're set apart somehow

They're better and good

because they didn't commit

They just watched and stood

This is the truth

we're all to scared to promote

But I'm pulling out this filter

which they shoved down my throat

To stop me from sharing and

giving voice to these girls and boys

Who's deaths everyday

have been nothing but white noise










This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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