Hypocrisy of the Hierarchy


People complain how there is no political change, yet they continue electing the same mindless puppets holding office in which our country is plagued. Why can't more people see this display laid out in front of them? Why can't more question the government? Is it too much to ask for someone to read an article? Probably so because it's not pumped into your life by the mass media criminals. Thought control, on the most obvious of levels but you're  so blind and comfortable that you absorb the lies injected into your favortie news channel.
Stolen fabic we hold in our hands, crumbling their life plans like the ruins of their homes from the bombs dropped in Afghanistan. Conquered and thrust, democracies flux. Creating change that we don't understand. Can't you see it isn't just "The Man", it's the puppeteers with the strings on our land. It's for the profits made from the killings in Iran and it's for the oil absorbed by the sponge of democracy which keeps spreading the indegence of these impoverished countries.
It's fed by the ignorance in which we supply to the masses, it's fed by the terror threats in which freedom collapses and it's fueling the fire of totalitarian reign where in one can't even get a bus ticket without being screened and we are haunted by the faces of those who have died for nothing but when they call on us we are too comfortable to get out of the situation in which we're stuck in.
And so it continues day after day and no one's listening to what the martyrs are saying, oh wait it's because they're silenced forever. Abducted and put in a cell, with incriminating evidence how can one speak out if they'll just end up with death, Labeled a traitor and posted on walls as a terrorist. But in fact it's quite the opposite, the terrorists in which we fear have been running the country, like they have been for years. It's a steady decline because all that want to bring peace, they end up dying. So next time you see a revolutionary figure, it won't be long until they're disfigured and a false image is cast to cover up the governments tracks. Then we will probably throw some more troops in Iraq.



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