Roses Of Love // By: Melissa H.


Our last dying rose

The thorns that hold the grace but

Love knows no way to survive because

Every single time someone pricks their finger

On the thorns of the rose of love

The rose dies

And wilts slowly

As does the person

But only from inside

they therefore only mentally die.

In some cases the roses may bloom, and that is how love is born

Love may know no bounds

But true love is hard to find

First you have to test the waters

And maybe sometimes die

You may get hurt

But in the end its your fault


You jumped into the tears and into the pain

You touched that rose knowing that it could kill you

People warned you against it

But you decided to fall in love

maybe one day

You'll find your other half

If there even is another half

A soulmate at last

Someone who you'll cherish with everything you are

Someone who you'll touch the rose for a thousand...a million times

Without caring about the hurt or the pain that you may gain

Every single time you fall

But there's always gonna be that one person

That one person that's always gonna have you

Your mind, your body, and your soul.


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