A Wine Filled Heart

My life has been on hold for so long I didn’t even realise

No progress has become the new norm

While I sit here and wait for you to love me

Like once upon a time when we were both so young

Young like I thought I still was but just realised I wasn’t

That fleeting moment when you loved me more than I loved you

That even faster blink when we loved each other equally

When you told me that I was beautiful

When you looked for me in wait

When you listened to my words

When you touched my skin

When you kissed my lips

When you told me you loved me

And then again every day

Before it was seven years later

And I knew your love had died

When you hadn’t told me I was beautiful for so long I don’t remember

When you didn’t care for what I say

When you last looked at me

 I couldn’t say

When I’d forgot the warm touch of you skin

 as you pat me on the back and sent me on my way

When me wanting to kiss you

negotiated to a cold plea of a peck

When an I love you was an occasional reciprocated reaction

When you hadn’t expressed your love to me for 3 years, 3 months and 1 day

All the hope and optimism died for me on this day

Despite years of trying

Years of lying

To myself

I realise you no longer love me today.


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