Must I Live in Fear

Depression grips my wrist like a child in a storm

Holding me a hostage, in my head and in my dorm

Filling me with sadness that cannot be explained

Like my head is full of cannon balls and my ankles all but chained.


He will not rest a moment til I’ve fallen to my knees

Tearing down my sticky notes that remind me how to breathe

Depression keeps me broken like a record on repeat

I can feel the spreading darkness from my forehead to my feet


Please don’t let it take me, I’m begging of you please

My tears now fog my vision as I find it hard to see

But if you hear my calls for help they’ve become a subtle plead

You could be the ray of hope that I desperately need


Though I understand if you choose to run or to look the other way

For you see I’ve gotten used to it after saying that I’m gay

The worlds an empty place now and I’m no longer welcome here

So is it better to live at all if I have to live in fear?


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