I cried. 

I sobbed. 

My whole body shook and trembled from my cries.

Thoughts bounced back and forth in my burning mind. 

It was non-stop. 

I am too tired. 

Streams of hot tears ran down my cheeks,

smearing my makeup, but I could care less.

My temples pounded as more nonsense words filled my mind. 

I inhaled sharply,

and snapped my head up to face my reflection in the mirror. 

' You look so weak ' 

my consciousness whispered. 

I furrowed my eyebrows and frustratedly wiped away the mess under my watering eyes. 

' Weak ' 

this time it spoke barely audible. 


I screamed at my reflection over and over again. 

My voice broke as new sobs escaped my lips. 

I slid back down on the cold marble floor, covering my face with my arms. 

Hours passed, and my cries slowly lessened. 

With one last sniffle, I stood up to look in the mirror again. 

My hair stood up in multiple places, my makeup was nearly gone, my cheeks red, and my eyes puffy. 

I turn the faucet to the coldest water setting, before splashing my face and lightly scrubbing once dried, I glanced back in the mirror. 

' Smile ' 

A little smile tugged at my lips, as if reassuring me everything was okay... 

although I knew this would happen again


- cc


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