Dear Betrayer,

Sometimes I sit around and think

About how everyone has a focus

One day I could just fly away

And my loved ones wouldn’t even notice


Or maybe they would start to see

I was slowly falling apart inside

At this point it doesn’t matter

I’m seen as the biggest let down alive


I don’t mean to disappoint you

I didn’t disobey you out of spite

I made the decisions I made

‘Cause I just want him to be in my life


But I can’t take anything back

I can’t go back in time to fix it all

I’m walking up a flight of stairs

I reach the edge to contemplate the fall


The only thing preventing me

Is sin’s consequence of eternal flame

I’m tired of living on the ground

Where all of my thoughts are controlled and tamed


I can’t even look you in your eyes

Now that the past is brought back into play

You pushed me to my breaking point

But you still need me and ask me to stay


You protect him with excuses

As if I’m always the one in the wrong

Now I know I’m somewhere I don’t belong

It’s heartbreaking watching as you


Side with a man who loves you ten times less

Yet you’re blind to the facts of this

And cause me to be filled with pain and stress


The Betrayed


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My family
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