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The river washes everything away
All the evidence
The remembrance
Of things that happened in the past
It doesn't worry about the mass
Amount of people
That it erases
Doesn’t care about all the memories that will fade
It just keeps going
Flowing down stream
Until there is no more room
Then it begins to turn away
From everything it has done
It starts making its way back up
Erasing everything that was newly formed
It just erases who you were
And who you are now
Not caring about you at all
And you ask why
Why does this river
Take everything
Why does it erase something
Just to erase it once more
Is there a cure?
A cure to this now red river
Who has soaked in all the blood
From all the personalities it has killed
And just carries it on
Tries to erase all the evidence
Of who you once were
But it flows red
And that’s the constant reminder
Of what you once had
And maybe even want again
But to go fish it out
Would be a most dangerous voyage
So you just sit and watch
As the river flows red
Hoping one day, you’ll build up the courage
To go in and get
The things that make you, you once again.


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