Unmake The Mask


People say I'm happy, that I'm never without a smile.

I bet those people would be pretty surprised to find that I used to spend nights wishing to die.

There is a mask that every person fakes,

a mask that tends to come down far too late.

We are master craftsmans you see,

Building walls miles thick.

Be emotionless, that's what society has taught me.

Be a victim, that's what people have taught my friends.

Does the world really think this is okay?

To be able to hear, day after day, about students being bullied to death,

Only to hear others say the tormentor was not at fault.

To be harassed and have no other option but to develop a thicker skin...

Oh, how sad we are.

When your children are dying out like stars, exploding into oblivion,

When your friends fall like leaves to your feet,

When your structure begins to crack and fracture,


We did this.

And we can unmake it.



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