Every Day Struggles


Can you hear the screams and my dreams that are dieing slowly? My parents keep saying they did their best, that I can have the best, but that I can never rest. With sweat slipping through each follicle. Where are my brothers and sisters? Beside scattered in this world. Are they working as hard? Are they out there feeling the need to give up? I can't hold the weight of the world along with the criteria I expect from myself. I'm scared, I'm stubborn, I'm determined, yet I am my own enemy. Sometimes I starve to pay my own bills, so I can keep my sanity from taking two steps back. Will I go to school this semester? I think to myself, I am not sure when I can't put food on the table before me. When school tells you, you can be anything without disclosing you need money to succeed. When the textbooks cost more than your rent. When there is no voice of support, no support for your dreams. The clock keeps ticking, no matter how much your struggle becomes. You have to act professional.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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