Wed, 05/07/2014 - 12:16 -- Cait_G


You don’t know

Do you

What it’s like

Not to be loved

Not to have

What you

Take for granted:

A home.


What do you

Know about

Hunger and

Pain and

Cold and

Complete lacking of



I do.


They said they would

Love and nurture me

I loved them

I gave them my all

But when I grew

I was beat

What was I supposed to do?

Stay small?


My beautiful coat shone

Like twinkling stars

Winking in the night


Is that not

A sign

Of achievement

For both

Me and



But I grew

I had to

Everyone has to grow.


Then you gave me

The boot

The door


 Les Miserables,

A code to live by

But not

An escape

Like for Valjean,

No not for me.


You chained me

To a dying tree

Your pipe


Your words

Bruise me

Kill me

Ach du

Ach du.


Oh yes

I die

For you

Because of you

Because I wanted love

Love I thought you had

Had room in your heart

For one more.


I scream

I whimper

I cry but not

A soul

Hears me

For the war cry

Of your hate

Masked as love.



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