You think you are safe

you think you are sound-

A place where many are not found

for what they want is not what they need-

but they search on in this unfamiliar place.


This time there is no knock on the door-

Because no one knows you're there

cringing at the sounds to which give you a scare-

True fear is not ghosts or goblins or rotten feed

no true fear comes from much more.


Some chalk it up to stress but I know better

that monsters roam this world at its center-

Could anything place such fear as a seed

and grow a tree so vast and large

that it might cover all hope in its feral charge.


Don't let this push you down-

No as our kind we must fight to flip the frown

for it causes pain that we all don't need-

We will search for the light and create and construct

because that's who we are even if we get stuck.




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