White Flowers




God knows what your hiding behind those brown remorseful eyes

You lied and cheated, shamelessly mistreated but to me it is no big surprise

Light up, light up your coffin nail and burn away your guilt

As I lie here in this luke-warm water hoping our love can be rebuilt


Your ventricles are occupied with whiskey and cheap wine

Your lungs are filled up with nicotine and blood with straight white lines.

As you float away unconscious drifting out onto cloud nine

My heart unravels on the floor like a worn out ball of twine


The day has come where you can’t be heard through the cypress and the stain

We all stand huddled, dismal and muddled, with shrieks we must refrain

Black dresses, white flowers, embracing the showers of the freezing icy rain

No one knows but I the love we shared woven with all insufferable pain


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