Hangover the Past for My Future

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 16:08 -- mwheat1


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Hey Life,
Can I get a tall glass of success followed by two shots of accomplishments?
Can I move forward? Can I reach my destiny?
But first I must set free from the confinements of a broken family…
One of few prayers, failed dreams, and self-pity.

Who would’ve thought mom and dad wouldn’t last always?
Hey life, can I get three shots for every generation that failed relationships were plagued with?

Who would’ve thought grandma would choose a needle over those who desperately loved her?
Hey life, can I get one glass for the ongoing drug abuse?

Who would’ve thought auntie would have a new home every three months because all her bills cost more than her check could cover?
Hey life, can you add ten shots for every failed attempt of escaping poverty?

Who would’ve thought uncle would have his hands and eyes set on his nine year old niece?
Hey life, why don’t you double me over and add a case of rape and molestation?

Who would’ve thought it’d take more than 40 years to produce just one college graduate?
Hey life, I think I’ll sit this one out or I’ll have a hangover.

Like mom and dad couldn’t stay together,
I can’t remain shackled in the fear of heartbreak.
I need love.

Like grandma couldn’t choose a future over a needle,
I can’t choose a lifestyle of alcohol & reefa.
I need accountability.

Like auntie couldn’t find her head above water,
I can’t dwell in life not knowing where I’m going.
I need stability.

Like uncle couldn’t remove his perverted hands,
I can’t be sanctioned to the idea that my value lies below my waistline.
I need self-confidence.

Like the many cousins who chose the streets over a degree,
I can’t give in to the pressures of this world and let my dreams die.
I need to BE.

To no longer be affected by this family curse,
To stand tall, unafraid, never letting my knees hit the dirt,
To be the woman GOD made for a new legacy,
This is what inspires me.


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