2 am thought

Thu, 04/02/2015 - 03:09 -- Jupjup

I compare my emotions to a winters night of un cuddled couples ; yearning distant lovers up at the same time but to late to pick up the land line to tell you good night, so I close my eyes and squeeze my pillow hoping I'm your 10 o'clock dream and your 2am thought, you're 11:30pm reason to stay up on a school night & 7:15 am reason to beat me awake for tht good morning text.

My love grows as fast as the sun moves each day ;slow, but I'll always be able to show myself accordingly .  I'm a question mark dotted with a half moon because you always wonder what's covering my other side. The same reason pluto's existence has been change three times; no one knows if they want me yet.  
Given false hope of relations 
ended with first degree murder on my mind and soul. So love is just chapter 27 in my history because that's where you put things that always seem to repeat themselves; right? 
It's not the world who is corrupt; it us. We are not the world ;the world is us. & there's 24 hours each day on this land; 365 days each year if you're lucky.  I spent 6,216 hours of that year picking flower peddles wondering if you love me; love me not. It took you 5 minutes of an uneasy conversation to tell me love me not. 300 seconds to give up on me and not let me explain. 
It took me 6 months out of the 12 to remember that chapter 27 is my favorite chapter. & I read it at 2am every night to remind me that I'm the only one up .... 
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