Renaissance Fair

I saw you there
At the renaissance fair
All alone
Churning milk into butter

I got down on my knees
And I said the Lord’s prayer
That you would be mine
In an hour

It’s just a shame
That I do proclaim
I’m not a knight
In shining armor

But I will gain fame
If I win a court game
In a joust with Sir William Whitefall

At the renaissance fair
We all dress up there
And pretend that we’re somebody else

But you don’t pretend
You’re the living end
And I want you to be my lady friend

I’ve been knocked off my stead
How could this happen to me
I had everything planned perfectly

My tights are ripped
And I’m covered with mud
I think I bruised a couple of ribs

This is the last time
I go the renaissance fair
I don’t think I’ll get the deposit back on my costume

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