The Family Tree


Who am I and who will I become, 

to fall far from the family tree or be the last one? 

Who will accept my failures and love my flaws?

Everyone loves a girl who is always less flawed. 

I live a life of questions that only get me so far, 

to whom who read this, let me tell you who you are. 

Beautiful, independent, no better then the ones, 

who push and shove you and once you're down, 

put salt in your cuts and all because, 

You're you

and that's all you know how to be, 

You aren't fake, please just listen to me. 

Your heart is gold and I know for a fact, 

you live a life of sadness and pain, 

Just like the ones who have always lacked


You are not alone,

I stand in the mirror and look at my self unclothed 

I wonder who could love a girl with more flaws then I? 

Then I collide my fist and watch shards fly, 

who can love a girl that lied? 

Sat back and promised things she couldn't comply, 

She stays in the back of the room for the simple fact, 

no one can love her, 

She's just not intact 

with the world she once knew as a little girl, 

dancing ballerina's and pretty curls her mother said 

"These things happen to pretty girls who cry." 

Well if this is happening why do I want to die? 

Why do I hide myself from the world, 

why can't I be like the rest of the pretty girls who 

Dance alone to sad love songs and listen to people just say when they're wrong

Who take what they can and make something beautiful

Why can't I be a girl who is more longed? 

Why was I born so different from the rest. 

Why was I born so very depressed why is that 

every time I try and continue my life someone always knows how to 

break me, and push me to the ground 

and say I'm a lie.

How is it that you don't see you're beautiful? 

How is it that you don't see the beauty? 

How is it that you constantly let your stomach vindict your decisions 

why is it that you let what others make you moody? 

Why can't you just love yourself? 

You're flawess in the most imperfect way and I 

see who you are behind the broken glass, 

trying to pick up the pieces and make yourself laugh 

its okay to be different, it's okay to have scars, 

its okay to love yourself and love who you are

You're beautiful and I wish you could see you're 

exactly everything I've ever wanted to be so please 

Pick up your crown princess and listen to me, 

You were the one who escaped

you escaped from your family tree.




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