She Who Cries


She mourned for shattered hearts,

A choice of deep disgrace.

Her violent soul yet to be cursed,

To be burned in black flames.

She writes on paper with a weary pen,

Frozen by the loneliness of hymn.

A pitiful plight that cannot be turned,

Her despicable lust for an unforgivable sin.

She yearned for the romance of a tune

Only to be ruined by pathetic sighs.

Escaping the destiny of a blinding gloom,

She turned to a beastly virtue that led to a price.

She then animated an exciting kill,

Painting everlasting winters.

A mighty hammer that striked her heart,

In the background she could hear the melancholy chorus of song.

She commenced her closing role,

A description of a sad offering.

Breaking the seal of her betraying fate,

The dying sentiment which it takes.


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