Forgotten Past!


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"History repeats itself" a phrase in time that remains unctouched, just as the world of today!
Live in life as we do, our past..forgotten we choose. Which apon us brings a uncertain future acompanied with no change.
For if doomed is history to repeat itself, what future progress can she, make?
How could one truley forgive if you choose to forget the memories.
Can one truley move on, if forgotten of what their moving from.
For is there a point in running if you forget what your running for?
A ignore past that help aided today, sometimes is one that should never have been made!
For how can a government of great power and will, forget the address of washignton the man on the dollar bill. Who oultined the country and how he thought it could be played, go deaf to his words as if they were never made!
No foreign affairs one of which he stated, but did we lession? No! We either forgotten or denied it like it was never created!
Years in office four we chosed to keep, but not to get rid of the political party's and the diesase it brings. Making everyone go against one another, as if we were suppose to dislike each other. Taking care of parts of a country thinking it's bold, that it will bring us gold, but really the overall idea is so cold!
Choosing to forget our past we may truley deserve his wraith. For if we can remember him and his glory, why can't we remember ourselves and our faults?
Ashamed are we, from going a different direction? Or comfortable we are remaining in the same endless intersection. Questions like these we must rememeber, before the forgotten past creates a future that soon we will also forget. As time through many accounts have clearly stated, "History is doomed to be repeated".


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