A Taste of Something Dark


Here am I, and here are we,

A there's no place I'd rather be,

For as the innocents of past

Would wish the rest of us would last

Yet come upon the midnight clear

I'm torn away from who I hold dear,

For as our faces leave the last light,

Her screams, not mine, fade into the night.

My forehead split, I taste dry blood,

I pull my face from the cold, wet mud,

I cannot see, my vision fails,

Trapped in the strands of night's cruel veils,

I move and croak a horrid cough,

My sight does see the leaves aloft

Of the lonely trees within this place,

A park whose sight has turned its face

From her to me, where is she?

I begin to search so desperately,

Until I find what I search for,

I hurl up what is left from before.

The bruises, black, some blood run thin,

God knows through what she has been,

Lying cold, upon the ground

She knows not that she's been found,

I turn her, that she may see my eyes,

I find, in the dark, to my abhorrent surprise

That her mouth has been viciously taped,

I fear with my soul that she was... She hadn't escaped.

I feel not my heart to hers,

Torn open have been her furs,

I mourn and sob as I hold her silent head,

For the love of my life, I hold, is now dead.


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