Rocking Horse


Daddy left the other day,

Left me a rocking horse,

Left mama sad and crying,

Left me with no remorse,

Mama's stuck in bed now,

I'm doing all the chores,

Though left without a penny,

At least I have a horse.


Daddy said that he’ll be back,

Just ride my rocking horse,

When I start to miss him,

I ride it back and forth,

Mama's doing better now,

Though not the best of course,

When she starts to cry,

I leave to ride my horse.


Dad's been gone a long time,

Ma is hard and stern,

He's never coming back,

That's what I've grown to learn,

I'm often never happy,

My smiles are always forced,

Left with nothing but,

A god damned rocking horse.


Mama found a boyfriend,

And he's really mean,

She’ll excuse his temper,

Because at least he doesn't leave,

She's always going out,

She's never home no more,

I put it in the attic,

That stupid rocking horse.


I told my Ma to leave,

When I saw the bruises,

She don't wanna hear it,

God I feel so useless,

When he starts to scream,

And call her stupid whore,

I hide up in the attic,

With my rocking horse.


He finally left the other day,

Ma's feeling blue again,

I found her in the bathtub,

In a sea of red,

I can't get out of bed now,

I can't do any chores,

I thought about my daddy,

And burned that rocking horse.



This is incredible! I really love how you took "daddy's gonna buy me a rocking chair" and transformed what was once a seemingly surface level nursery rhyme into a poem that really packs a punch filled with the emotions and hardships that arise for single parents. Great job and good luck with the slam!


I'll be honest, at the very end you had me saying "Damn, that was good." The poem flows really nice, and it hits hard. This is the kind of stuff I love, and I wish you the best of luck.


That was really good


This poem is simply amazing. Bravo!


OH MY GOD! I have read a lot of poems and none of them have been as deep as yours is. My only question (that doesn't need answered) is: did this truly happen to you? If so, I am so sorry. I only hope you can get on your feet and move through it.




Powerful poem!!! Keep writing on my friend and never give up!


captured such a depressing subject in a nursery rhyme fashion, very well done.


This poem really touched me. Thank you for sharing this. 


That was deep. 


Really amazing poem




Something wonderful to me ☺


This is fantastic in every way


Wow, this poem is so deep. And beautifully dark, the rhythm is mesmerizing. I absolutely love it, its amazing



Holy crap, that is a really powerful poem! We have to write 6 poems for my English teacher, and I hope I can do as good a job when I go to write my poems. Thank you for being a writer! 



That was absolutely incredible. The cadence of the entire poem was beautiful, and the development of the rocking horse made the poem. Very sad, but very well done.


this is so freaking amazing i can't even, i wish that i could write like this


itzel perez

to be honest i am crying right now, its really good!


That was extremely good.

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