Speak, shout, they must know
It happened behind a closed door.
Arrogance, mannish poison coursing through his veins, 
Twenty minutes ago she came in but left.
O now! How she was lucky to escape his reins.
Talking with the serpent's tongue he continued to deceive,
In who could his burdens, his manhood be relieved. 
Ten paces and a left turn,we was there,
I looked into my brothers eyes one's cold the other scared. 
He was much older, strength being his seductive forceful potion, 
Me laying face down smelling carpet but feeling warm lotion.
Glancing at the wall to forget the pain,
Imagining a world where my oldest brother is still sane.
Staring across the floor, the youngest son it's his turn next,
The struggle, the pants, now he too laid down staring at me undressed.
In pain tears flowed from his eyes, tears that fell in vain.
A father lost three sons that day, between them the blood was the same.
That day I didn't lose only my virginity you see, 
I lost my brother and a father who would not believe me.
Speak, shout, they must know,
Behind this door was a betrayed, lonely soul. 
- written by Matthew Sledge
Copyright © by Matthew Sledge


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