Uncertain futures,

We were so close.

We were near that amavi.


That latin phrase that breaks the phase,

The one that doesn’t conquer.

We were close to that forgotten way.


Maybe I’m just lost in emotion,

Maybe I don’t understand my own pain.

I wonder if I’ll ever find it then:


My very own amavi.


Though I know it means “I loved”,

And the real one should be “I conquered.”

I don’t want to be your conqueror- I want to be your lover.


Fear not for me reaching wrong,

Fear not that I might not be an angel.

While I’m not one, I am not your demon.


I will never be your devil.


My loved, my forgotten amavi.

Perhaps one day you’ll look back,

Perhaps once in years you’ll recall.


I hope you see into yourself,

My dear and lost- amavi.


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