Heartache in the Corner

She woke up one day and meet someone. 
She thought her life had changed completely, and for the better. 
Time passes by and they continued to grow.
Next thing she knew, she woke up and she was alone. 
What happened?
Does she even want to know?
Did he find someone else?
They were perfect.
She is probably prettier, skinner, funnier, smarter.
Nothing she can do to change it now, she tried her hardest.
She thought they were doing amazing, plans were made. 
Dreams hopefully becoming realities.
But now, there is just a young girl.
Sitting alone in a corner of a dim room.
Wondering why she wasn't good enough, why he doesn't care. 
Not even a phone call.
She just sits and wonders, sits and waits for him.
It seems she can not let go, not of the dreams doomed to just a mere fantasy, of the life she knows that now probably is not ever possible.


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