It was in twenty nineteen,
Month of September in seventeen,
Black around and not green,
Grand father was not been.

He was seating at home,
Where does diseas comefrom?
But he was doing warm,
Which he usualy perform.

Since home with his mouth,
Wanting to speak something in mouth,
All of us in both,
Wanting to heard his mouth.

Wanting to speak secret truth,
He ends touching our cloth,
A visitor called Death,
Remove your breath and birth.

What was in your head?
We could like to heard,
What was its head,
But we could not heard.

In how we work hard,
Anything we could not had,
You went with your word,
And Black become red.

You was taken with God,
You cause alot of crying in loud,
No one who was proud,
He and she fill bad.

A year you have got,
I could ever fill forget,
In how you have left,
I could not have espect.

This poem is about: 
My family


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