Sleeping With A Stranger

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:03 -- aml2003

the rain pounded heavily last night

drops of water ran slowly down the car windows

matching the silver trails of the tears that wound down my cheeks

rough hands that weren't yours stroked my skin

unloving arms held me tightly in the dark

and i watched as lightning etched itself into the sky

reminding me of the similar splinters in my broken heart

finally, i closed my tired eyes and leaned into the embrace

of someone who just wasn't you

and imagined that maybe they were

i could feel his breath on my neck

growing slower with sleep and

i let myself drift off too

only i couldn't rest and you were where my mind wandered

i floated back to the days we spent curled together

laughing at jokes that only we would understand

lacing our fingers together and

loving in the way only we know

i try to feel the warmth i did then

but without your body next to mine

i can be nothing but ice cold


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