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Sayde you made me a better person
You helped me decide what to do
With my fragile life
I turned on the light
And saw you laying there
You were cold and
Not shivering
You laid there in perfect silence
Looking up at the ceiling
With your imperfect eyes
I looked at you and
I was afraid for what I had to do
To you
I put on my gear
Didn’t smile from ear to ear
I held you Sayde
And somehow knew
My life would not be the same
I was terrified
As I looked at you
I grabbed the knife
And made the decision
To make a y incision
How fragile you were
The cutest stillborn baby pig
You liked me too
Because you had a smile on your face
You knew you were in good hands
In the loud Biology class
Of me
Helping me decide what I want to be
Majoring in nursing was just for me
Thank you Sayde for showing me
What I am supposed to be


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