Who Are You?

Swimming through water so black,
My heart beats dully in its cage.
Not a soul should see the crack,
Splitting in pieces with conquering rage.

And as I float back to the top,
I stretch a smile on my face.
So no one might have to stop,
And ask me where I lost my grace.

And as I paddle to the shore,
I dig a hole inside my brain.
Where I put thoughts of you to store,
To keep them safe from coming rain.


When my feet hit the river bed,
I conjure up the will to laugh,
So no one will see such heavy dread,
The pain and fear on your behalf.

And as I trudge up to the shore,
It would seem I was anew.
You wouldn’t know me anymore,
I’m sorry,

Who are you?



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I love this poem! It is great and I can relate! your description was off the hook and I could perfectly picture it all! 


Thank you so much lovely. ❤️ super happy you liked it!

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