Do you want to know why dreams are better than reality?


In dreams, you can be with people who you could never be with in reality.

You can hug and hold them with no fear of separation.

You can hear their voice in person whenever you want.


In my dreams, you’re with me.

In my dreams, you’re always there, holding me in your arms.

You’re always there holding my hand, as you lead me through the tunnel that is my struggles.

In my dreams, I hear your voice say my name while you walk me through my highest highs and lowest lows.


I wish all this was my reality.

I would do anything to MAKE this my reality.

I have no chance with you in reality, though.

You are unattainable.


Reality is all these miles that separate us.

It is all the lives I would have to cross paths with in order to cross paths with you.


In reality, the fear of separation is all too real.

In reality, I cannot hold you as if letting go would cause instant evaporation.

I cannot hear your voice direct its attention towards me.

Nor can I hear it say my name or call me yours.


I hate reality.

I always will.

It is always going to be there to keep you away from me.

A girl can dream, though,




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