And Then I Wake Up

When I was small
I would believe
That Fairies surrounded me
And protected me
From the bad

But when I grew
My fairies turned to dew
And formed my tears
And leaked to the ground

Turning to Roses
Surrounded by Thorns
Wrapping my ankles
Trying to drag me down

Into the Pixie corpse ground
And one day I fall

The Thorns tighten painfully
The Bony little hands
Wrap around me

And the Fairies who protected me
With rose-covered heads

"Come join the dead my dear"
"Where there is still magic in the air"
And tempting it did sound

Elves danced around
When I didn't object
As I slowly sink into the ground

Fear starting to pound
And with a smile
They suffocate me
Covering my limbs with leaves

As I think
All hope is gone
As I sink
Until I stop

Frozen I am
Yet all around
I see Nymphs
Rescuing me
With familiar faces
That I love

Tearing away the leaves and Thorns
Setting my sun free
And I am happy
Running through the woods
Bliss soaring through me

And then I wake up
And my world comes crashing down
As I realize
It's just a dream
That probably will never be found

So I sink into the ground
As the fairies lull me to sleep
The Pixies rock me
With bony hands
Elves play music quietly
Fairy promises wrapping around

And this time
I don't see
Any Nymphs
Rescuing me

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