supposed to

Supposed to ~
Dear eyes I’m sorry for the long night that I used you to stare into he midnight walls as if all my worries would go away 
for the times I created liquid barriers between you and the world 
hands im sorry for all the times I used you to try and heal open wounds that couldn’t be healed trying to heal broken glass scaled scars like knives cutting into my holy finger tips palms trembling 
ears I apologize for the times curses funneled into you engraving pain near my brain 
nose I’m sorry for ignoring the the times you smelled the smoke in the air because I did want to face the fire 
eyes why didn’t you just open up to the pain why didn’t you open up to the pain you could have saved
hands I apologize you didn’t have to endure the scolding pain feeling our way out of the fire bleeding relief from my finger tips eyes 
I know you cant always see the bull* conflict in the air but for heart
I'm sorry I didn’t protect you I let men no boys not worthy of you have you holding you with uneasy hands I watched them break you with every lie cheat slap and cry I watched the hands of time try to heal you I didn’t protect you carelessly brain why did you stop 
ears why did you listen mouth why did you speak feet you should have  just walked away when you felt the glass under you Vonche why didn't you just open your eyes and listen to your heart just use your brain to remember the sound of your own voice so you know when to walk away
Pain I’m sorry I didn’t give you credit … your the only one who did what you was supposed to do .
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