where did you go?


howve you been?

it feels as if we havent talked in a while

what are you doing?

you seem busy

whats been keeping you from talking to your loved ones?

its only been a day since ive seen you

and yet it feels like weeks.

i miss holding your face,

tracing the curl of your smile,

hearing you tell me how much you love me.

but its all a dream isnt it?

its been a long day

the minutes ticked by like centuries

and i miss you.

of course i miss you.

so i make myself some toast

because we would make it all of the time when we were hungry.

and i wait

for your messages to roll in on my screen

but ive waited centuries

and im getting tired

so i might just go to sleep.


it was nice talking to you every 20 minutes

i hope you miss me

see you in two weeks.


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