it was here that I fell in love

trapped in the salty waves, burning my skin with the most gentle touch

ripples that altered images dancing in my vision

 from an emerald sea to the clearest blue sky

white-sand beaches that embraced me lovingly

yet played with and used me. 

it was only in a second that a storm appeared

in the moments following my surrender to the ocean’s calling

how a fool I was, blind to the warnings that came my way


I found paradise grazing my hands

only to be ripped away as I went to brand it with my name.

the next morning I found myself washed up, disorientated on an unfamiliar shore

And memories of the whirlpools that consumed me—

not even 24 hours ago—

threatened to drown me yet again.


Now I’ve returned to the place where I both rose and fell

I stand in the familiar sand, bearing a face unchanged 

other than eyes that reminisce of times long ago

when one whose heart was naive stood here, 

unaware of what was coming to lay its mark on her soul.


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