Mon, 05/04/2015 - 17:36 -- cermar

To struggle here in this colorless world,
make it all too hard to breathe.

The air that was once so ripe,
The wind that blew wonders,
The feelings that used to fill me

Wither and dim.

Nothing is what it once was, 
The laughter, 
The smiles.

Were they always so meaningless?
So fake?
So emotionless?

The colorless world has painted me a bright picture of what it really is.
It was just.-
different colors of gray. 

Maybe the world wasn't like this at all,
Maybe, I'm just noticing it for the first time.

Noticing the void within,
Noticing that my thirst is never quenched,
Noticing that I'm desperately searching for a way out.

I'm noticing
That I'm struggling 
I'm desperate. 

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