Love... And Other Fairy Tales.

I think about you everyday.

Did you know that, love?


And that's crazy

Because you're gone


And my mind tells me,

"Move on."


I've muted my heart out



Somehow, she's always wrong.


Still, I hope to never

See you around


Because when I see you

All I hear are the sounds of...


The first time you ever came

To my house


The first time you kissed me,

I felt a jolt through my mouth.


The first time you

Loved me


And my heart locked to you.


So, now it's harder

To fend for this love

When the ceiling is

Caving through.


Hoping that love filled memories

Can find their way in, too.


I shouldn't still be thinking of you...


The signs were always there. 

I knew this love would shatter.


But I'd cut every finger

Picking up Happily Ever After.


I'd leap from the tower 

If I saw you at the bottom.


Cry a thousand tears

To raise you from the dead.


Wake myself to kiss you

If I felt you near my bed.


Soar through the sky with you.

Let's find Never, Never Land.


Wake up. It's a dream, dear.


And, poof, you're gone.


And I could fall back asleep.


I could dream this same dream.


But, to you, my grass has browned. 


And the other side looks so green.


And I know I'm just a teen


But can't I just believe


That I love him


He maybe loves me


And that all happy ending

Don't happen on t.v


And somewhere out there


There's a mister and a misses

Who've shared only each other's



Since they were 17... 


Please, don't wake me up.


Just .. Let me live in this dream.


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