Dazzling People

Dazzling people made of gold,

Dazzling people made of cold

Material, dazzling people made

Of glitter and stuck together with glue.


Dazzling people made of lipstick

Lipstick, kisses, stains on cheeks

Because the stains are meant to be

And not because they like the lipstick.


Or the person.


Dazzling people made of not enough

Dazzling people made of zero, zero

Like how one raindrop fades onto the 

Ground, and becomes zero, discarded


Discarded, but in our society, that's

Rewarded, being a million dollar 

Person, with a million dollar smile

Forget when you were happy


Back when you were a child.


Following a line, smiling all the time

Even when people hurt you

Even when you hurt you

Even when you cry


You wipe the tears away

As if that could change

What hurts in your brain

Well, it can't! So stop


Wiping your tears away!

Stop putting on the lipstick

You don't like, to kiss

The people you don't want to kiss!


Stop being dazzling.

Start being genuine

And maybe one day

You'll finally win


But what you'll win

I can't say.


You might save

A scrap of the past

When you just smiled

Because you meant it


And not because it went well with 

Your lipstick in kisses that miss

Any good feelings at all except

Pride that you're right, that you're



Our society loves the number



But you are not 



You are here

I could see you

If I was in the 

Same room 

As you.


But would I see you?

Or would I see a celebrity?

A celebrity clone, no-one home,

Would I see you? At all?




This poem is about: 
Our world


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