modern day fairytale

I love you in the morning,

with soft sunlight peeking through the curtains

casting over your sleepy face;

eyes dazed,

smile slanted,

and your room like a castle

to protect us from the rest of the world

I love you in the afternoon,

when the sun is high in the sky

and coffee is a drug we’re both high off of

and we’re in our castle again

you’re protecting me like a knight

when you’re actually a king
I love you at night,

when we have yet to leave our castle.

people used to believe kings were God-like

and you are the holiest,

most divine,

powerful creature

that I know

and I love you now

even while we’re under attack

and our kingdom has fallen

even though you are the worst king

to have ruled by my side,

even if you become one of the stories that start with

“once upon a time”

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