You Can't Fly


Bro, you can’t fly

You don’t even have wings

I’m not saying give up

But please, PLEASE

Stop jumping off of buildings

This is not an action movie

No. You can’t call “Cut”

And put in a stunt buddy

It’s you

You are getting bruised

Breaking and snapping your bones

Then I have to quit what I’m doing to go to the emergency room

There are blood clots appearing in your eyes

From the many times you have hit your head

There are blue and black stains on your skin

Because you are fragile

You are human



Then why are trying to fly

Why do you step off of that edge as if

Someone will walk by

Catch you and carry on about the day

Stop trying to hurt yourself

Stop thinking that this is the answer

I said that I will always be here

Talk to me

But please, PLEASE, I beg of thy

Stop jumping off of buildings



This reminds me of someone a lot

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