Missing You

My heart feels so empty whenever you're not near

I wish from deep inside of me, you can always be here

I know though that you would soon grow sick, glued unto my side

As my aura slowly kills everything aside

Even though I do not know, my eyes soon fill with tears

I miss you though you barely left, my heart like little gears

They turn and turn when you are near, only moving faster

But they quickly rust up as my tears go pitter patter

Falling down my pale face that you can not see

Very few really know that this is the true me

I'm not the person that you have once called strong

I am only a little weakling, as I was all along

My heart so small and fragile can't compare to yours so big

That crystal clear in your eyes makes me want to sing

I can remember when we first met, when we started dating too

I have done my best to save every memory with you

From things like our first anniversary to just walking by

Every single second with you I have treasured nigh

You are the light of my life, the one who saved me here

So hopefully I'll see you soon as night is drawing near

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